Within this domain knowledge is maintained about safety modelling, assessment and incident and accident investigation. Driven by the growing increase in intented disruptions of air transport and the growing dependability on IT, AT-One puts more and more focus on delivering solutions to improve security in air transport.


Maintaining and increasing the level of safety has always been an important focus in air transport. This has resulted in the high air safety standards as we know today. Nevertheless, improvements are still necessary and this drive is even reinforced by the projected growth in air travel. Another important challenge is to make air transport more robust to increase the security in the whole air transport system for the safety of both passengers and people on the ground.


The activities in this domain are very broad. At the top level advanced safety models and methods are developed. On a more operational level, activities include safety analyses, assessments and incident and accident investigations. Furthermore, safety expertise is also used to design and build tools for safety assessments and safety decision support. The knowledge from this area of expertise is also used to support the activities in the other areas of expertise. An important asset is the extensive incident and accident database that is built and maintained.