ATM Simulators

AT-One operates a wide range of ATM simulators, both for real-time, human-in-the-loop and for fast time simulations. The simulators are used to analyze existing ATM environments and procedures and to test and validate new concepts, procedures and tools.

Airport and Control Center Simulator (ACCES)

The Airport and Control Center Simulator (ACCES) acts as a management center with working positions for the different operators at airports. It can be used to assess management processes in different application areas. The ACCES is used to assess management processes in different application areas.

Air Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (ATMOS)

The Air Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (ATMOS) is an experimental facility for simulating air traffic in real time. In a simulated airspace, the ATMOS can be used to test new approach and landing procedures.

Apron and Tower Simulator (ATS)

The Apron and Tower Simulator (ATS) presents the controller working positions at the airport. The ATS allows new systems and procedures for air traffic management at the airport and in the terminal control area to be validated.


The TowerLab is a unique research facility that complements the Apron and Tower Simulator of the Institute of Flight Guidance. It allows innovative concepts for working positions and support functions for tower controllers to be tested.

Airport Research and Innovation Facility Hamburg (ARIF)

The Airport Research and Innovation Facility (ARIF) at Hamburg Airport is a test and validation platform for ATM concept elements in the operational environment of an international airport.


This real-time Tower Simulator is designed for advanced research and development on airport control tower operations. The visual system provides a synthetic view of an airport on a 360 degrees projection screen with a diameter of 11 meters by 4 meters high. It can accurately reproduce daylight and night time situations, winter conditions including snow and a variety of meteorological phenomena.


The NARSIM-Radar is a real time ATC Simulator which has been developed in-house. Based on a client/server architecture, NARSIM is flexible, providing for easy simulation configuration and external software integration. Interfaces to connect NARSIM to flight simulators, to ATC simulators and to the research aircraft are available.


NARSIM Remote Tower can be configured using any desired number of HD or 4K screens or projections system. Multiple Remote Tower is supported and can be configured to be shown vertically or horizontally using a curtain slider. The system includes a Pan Tilt Zoom camera function. This facility can be used both for research as well as for training purposes.

Fast Time Simulation Tools (AirTOp, TAAM, SIMMODPro and SIMMODPlus)

AT-One is using three commercial off-the-shelf tools for fast time simulation of airports and airspace. They provide fast time modelling with gate to gate capabilities simulating every possible detail: gate assignment, pushback, taxiing, towing, runway usage, terminal and en route sectors.