Cockpit simulators

Generic Experimental Cockpit (GECO)

The Generic Experimental Cockpit (GECO) is a modular cockpit simulator with flight-mechanical models of DLR test aircrafts. The flight-mechanical models are interchangeable, depending on the application required.

Avionics Prototyping Environment for Research and Operations (APERO)

APERO offers low cost flexibility for high fidelity design and flight operations research. APERO is a flexible, transportable research flight simulator that can be used for avionics display design & evaluations, demonstration of new cockpit concepts, part-task training and networked flight simulation.

Helicopter Pilot Simulator (HPS)

With our Helicopter Pilot Station HPS we can perform helicopter and tilt-rotor real-time flight simulation with pilot-in-the-loop.

Fighter 4-ship simulator (F4S)

During military operations, fast-jets operate in teams of two, four, or more. Fighter 4-Ship (F4S) is a research simulation facility that can simulate the collective tactical operations of up to four fast-jet fighter aircraft.  The tube-frame mockup approach of F4S makes it affordable and mobile.