Airspace World 2023


Airspace World 2023

The new Airspace World in Geneva will be the largest event in the field of air navigation and air traffic control. From 8 to 10 March 2023, it will combine a major exhibition with a conference. Several thousand visitors from all over the world will take advantage of this annual opportunity to find out about the latest trends and developments in the field.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) are helping ANSPs, airports, airlines and CAAs to recover from COVID and rebuild better by providing ATM innovations, products and services to improve resilience, reduce costs and increase efficiency, safety and sustainability.

DLR and NLR invite the aviation community to discuss and experience how independent research and expertise can contribute to ATM innovation and recovery. Visit DLR, NLR and their research exhibits at stand #E19! We look forward to meeting you in Geneva.

On display at Stand #E19

DLR’s Digital Controller

The Digital Controller is DLR’s response to the current challenges facing the air traffic system. Working alongside the human controller, the digital controller takes over where ATC benefits from computer support and AI. Based on DLR’s speech recognition and understanding system, the digital controller will initially be introduced as an assistant to the human controller, enabling single-controller operations. DLR will also evaluate operations with a fully responsible digital controller. This has the potential for energy-efficient and contrail-reducing trajectories, on-time flight guidance through optimal ATC worksharing, and detection of and response to cyber-attacks.

Integrating SESAR Solutions – ITARO

Integrating SESAR solutions – ITARO

Over the past decades, the SESAR programme has been working intensely to deliver sustainable ATM solutions. The challenge is to combine and integrate individually developed SESAR Solutions, while not losing the established benefits of the individual Solutions. Royal NLR has the expertise and facilities to prepare, set up, integrate and assess the performance and implication of the integrated novel SESAR Solutions for local ANSP cases. As demonstrated in the ITARO project, the integration of novel SESAR Solutions can be assessed at, for instance, the Fast Time Simulations level, a Real Time Simulation level, or even via operations in a real live environment, for instance using a flight test operation, or any other means, such as hardware in-the-loop testing.

Presentations and Walking Tours

As part of the SESAR 2020 Showcase at Airspace World, DLR and the NLR will present several SESAR 2020 project results and achievements. Attend the presentations or take part in the SESAR walking tours. Registration is not required; places will be provided by SESAR on a first-come, first-served basis.

Speaker Title Where When
Tobias Finck (DLR) Flight-centric ATC and Improved Distribution of Separation Responsibility in ATC Theatre 4 8 March, 10:30–11:15
Wilfred Rouwhorst (NLR) Integrated TMA, airport and runway operations Theatre 4 8 March, 11:30–12:15
Nico de Gelder (NLR) Combining interval management, continuous descent operations, required navigation performance and time based separations for arrivals inside the Dutch TMA: future or too futuristic? Theatre 4 8 March, 11:30–12:15
Fethi Abdelmoula (DLR) Reducing the environmental footprint of arrival flights Theatre 4 8 March, 16:45–17:30
Sebastian Schier-Morgenthal (DLR) Speech Recognition: Reducing ATCo’s clicking time by factor of 30! Theatre 4 9 March, 11:00–12:00
Hartmut Helmke (DLR) Readback error detection assistant to increase ATM safety and reducing ATCo’s workload Theatre 4 9 March, 11:00–12:00
Sigrun Matthes (DLR) Climate optimised trajectories Theatre 4 9 March, 13:45–14:30
Sven Kaltenhaeuser (DLR)The DLR Launch Coordination Center: Developing services for an efficient airspace utilization for launch and re-entry operations in EuropeWING THEATRE9 March, 15:00
Fethi Abdelmoula (DLR) SESAR Exploratory Research Award Theatre 4 9 March, 15:15–16:30
Andreas Hasselberg (DLR) RPAS integration in airport and TMA operations (INVIRCAT) Theatre 4 10 March, 09:45–10:35
Jürgen Teusch (NLR) Assessing the Impact of UAS contingencies on ATC Operations in ATM-U-space shared airspace Theatre 4 10 March, 10:45–11:45
Walking Tour Visits (All tours start at Theatre 4!)
Tobias Bauer (DLR)  Reducing the environmental footprint of arrival flights 8 March, 13:30–14:45
Jörn Jakobi (DLR) Digital technologies for tower – challenges & opportunities for the future 8 March, 14:30–15:30
Emmanuel Sunil (NLR) METeo Sensors in the Sky8 March, 15:45–16:45
Sebastian Schier-Morgenthal (DLR) Radar Label Maintenance by Speech Recognition: Reducing ATCo’s clicking time by factor of 30! 9 March, 12:00–13:00
Hartmut Helmke (DLR) Readback error detection assistant to increase ATM safety and reducing ATCo’s workload 9 March, 12:00–13:00
Henk Hesselink (DLR) eVTOL flight experience at Cochstedt Airport, simulating Frankfurt
10 March, 12:45–13:45

The full programme for the SESAR 2020 Showcase is available here.