AT-One is able to deliver solutions from concept towards operation. With its facilities AT-One covers the whole verification and validation chain, ensuring the reliability and quality of its products and services.

Validation Infrastructures

AT-One operates one of the largest infrastructures with validation tools, ranging from analytical tools through automatic simulation facilities to human-in-the-loop-simulation facilities. All tools and facilities are interoperable and can be connected to form a “Super-ATM Simulator”. By this complex scenarios with multiple actors can be tested and validated.

Flight and Field Tests

Security, reliability and functionality are crucial for all aspects of Air Traffic Management. AT-One is the largest civil test aircraft operator in Europe with a fleet of highly-modified test aircraft ranging from an Airbus 320 over several turboprops and helicopter down to small aircraft and gliders. Based on the experience of successfully managing field tests at several European airports AT-One furthermore has the skills, know-how and means to perform validation exercises under operational conditions.

ATM Simulators

AT-One operates a wide range of ATM simulators, both for real-time, human-in-the-loop and for fast time simulations. The simulators are used to analyze existing ATM environments and procedures and to test and validate new concepts, procedures and tools.


CNS Facilities

Within AT-One the following facilities are available in the area of Communication and Navigation Systems (CNS).

Cockpit Simulators

Enviromental Tools

Safety Tools

Research Aircraft

AT-One operates a wide variety of test aircraft, it’s Europe’s largest civilian research fleet of aeroplanes and helicopters. The test aircraft are equipped with a large array of test equipment and can be modified according to the needs of specific research tasks.