Subject of research in this area are all airport processes and infrastructure that contribute to an efficient, safe and sustainable handling of aircraft, passengers and cargo.


Airports are characterized by the fact that they are complex systems in which many different actors all play a vital role in the total airport operation. These include airport authorities, airlines, ATC providers, ground handling, security and many more. A smooth and efficient operation can only be achieved by a close cooperation of these different actors.


Key to the AT-One airport R&D is the integrated approach. This means that all involved processes, both landside and airside, and their interdependence are investigated. Basic activities include analysis, modeling and optimization of airport performance and utilization. On a practical level this results in decision support both on a strategic level, e.g. future investments plans or organizational improvements, and on an operational level, i.e. how to improve the daily operation.


  • Collaborative decision making research
  • Airport and Control Centre simulations