This area of expertise comprises specialist knowledge, methodologies and facilities to enhance the integration of Human Operators into complex systems.


Operation, maintenance of modern aircraft including air traffic management and control are tasks to be accomplished in an advanced technological environment with support of highly automated systems. The challenges in this environment are:

  • Assuring adequate and reliable Human performance levels while routinely operating the aviation system.
  • Creating resilience (adaptivity) in the overall system to meet unexpected demands, disturbances, deviations and non-nominal conditions.
  • Handle a smooth transition to new systems by pro-active (re) training development.


Typical AT-One activities in this field are the application and acquisition of empirical knowledge and expertise on human performance capabilities and limitations to increase system performance and its endurance by performing:


  • Design and usability tests of Controller working positions
  • Development of Human Machine Interfaces
  • Development of structured and objective methods for evaluation of human performance in existing and future (prototype) systems.
  • Modelling and simulation of future working environments and conditions
  • Exploiting opportunities provided by new HMI technologies (Virtual Reality, Head Mounted Displays etc.)
  • Serious gaming