Environmental Tools


ASAP is a platform that supports the development of airport policy, operational procedures, airport development and daily operations. It monitors and calculates the impact on the environment from the perspective of noise. ASAP was conceived and build with the wishes and concerns of airports and regulatory authorities in mind. The development of ASAP anticipates the research requirements on airport policy, planning, development and operation. ASAP builds on available models for noise and provides consistent results for the impacts studied.


The Third Party Risk Analysis Package (TRIPAC) is a software application for the calculation of third party risks around airports, also known as external safety.

The method for third party risk analysis consists of three elements:

  • The Accident Probability
  • The Accident Location Probability
  • The Accident Consequence

Separate quantitative risk analysis models have been developed for major airports, regional airports and military airports.

VCNS – Virtual Community Noise Simulator

VCNS is an innovation to support airport communities NLR Virtual Community Noise Simulator (VCNS)
and other stakeholders who want to experience aircraft noise in their own environment by using the latest virtual reality technologies with 360 degrees video and 3D audio experience. New aircraft types and new procedures can be examined and presented at any location before they are implementend or planned. More