This area of expertise contains the extensive AT-One knowledge and infrastructure to validate concepts, procedures, technology and tools for operational use. In that sense it supports many of the other activities within AT-One.


Developing concepts, procedures and tools is one thing, but putting them into operation is another. Many processes in air transport are safety critical and need involvement of different groups of actors. Another important factor is the adaptation of the people that have to work with the new procedures and tools. Validation plays a vital role in bringing developments into real operation. Moreover, defining the right validation strategy itself and performing them in such a way that they are a good representation of circumstances in real life is a science by itself.


The main activity is setting up and performing validation experiments to demonstrate safety, feasibility, operational benefits and human interaction. Documenting and evaluating validation results form an integral part of the validation. This is done in accordance with existing ATM validation standards. Another important activity is maintaining a state-of-the-art validation infrastructure and keeping it in line with future ATM developments.