The H2020 project GreAT comes to a close at the end of June, which is why we’d like to share the project’s final press release with you!

The international team has investigated various concepts and concept elements that enable or contribute to a greener air traffic management. This includes arrival and departure procedures at medium-size and hub airports, taxi operations on the airport surface as well as en-route traffic management. These efforts have culminated in fast-time and real-time simulations, validating the effectiveness of GreAT’s ideas.

One of the major achievements of the project is the substantial reduction in emissions across various flight operations and manoeuvres. GreAT has demonstrated significant savings, amounting to several percentage points, for aerodrome ground traffic, arriving and departing traffic, as well as cruising flights. These accomplishments are a testament to the project’s commitment to making air travel more sustainable. 

“The project has made significant strides in optimizing air traffic control practices and procedures to minimize environmental impact.”, the final press release states. The findings and concepts generated by GreAT will serve as valuable resources for the aviation industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Photo: Final event participants at KLM headquarters (24 May 2023)