This month sees AT-One winning a major contract with Europe’s premier aviation research program SESAR JU. AT-One was selected as a new “Associated Partner” into this joint undertaking. This move will enable AT-One and its members, Germany’s DLR and Netherlands’ NLR, to exploit their capabilities on the development of Europe’s air transport system and its research efforts for clean, safe and efficient aviation. AT-One’s main contribution will cover the fields of information management, airborne communication, navigation and surveillance systems as well as the integration of unmanned aerial vehicle into SESAR.

The SESAR JU is a pan-European initiative for standardization and coordination of all air traffic management activities, launched by the European Commission and EUROCONTROL. For the first time ever SESAR JU brings together everybody involved in Europe’s aviation: research institutions, service providers, national and international public authorities, industry partners and costumers. The research program will shape Europe’s air traffic over the next decades with its ambitious goals, such as the tenfold increase in security or the improvement of the environmental impact by ten percent.

For more information see SESAR JU’s official website.