Below a non-exhaustive list of projects which were carried out by AT-One or one of its shareholders.

The project EMMA (European Airport Movement Management by A -SMGCS) is seen as the most promising way to cope with the increasing traffic demand on European airports. It set the basis for new European regulations and standardization bodies as well as for the early and efficient implementation in the industry. AT-One partner DLR was responsible for the extensive validation activities of this project. This included flight and field tests at the airports of Prague, Milano and Toulouse. The operational concepts defined within EMMA have been tested both on functionality and operability under real life conditions over a long period of time by licensed controllers and pilots.

Schiphol Capacity study
In a study for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the growth of traffic was investigated and an assessment was performed to determine which sectors will first reach its capacity limits and at what point in time. This helped to determine where and when bottlenecks will appear so that measures like new air space design or operational procedures can be taken well in advance.

The OPTIMAL project defines and validates innovative procedures for the approach and landing phases of aircraft and rotorcraft in the pre-operational phase. The goal is to minimize external aircraft and rotorcraft noise nuisance and increase the capacity while improving safety. AT-Ones had the lead in developing the concepts of operation and in design of several advanced approach procedures. Other activities included the development of required functions in the Flight Management System and the ground functions like an arrival manager. Furthermore validations were performed through large scale real-time simulations of several scenarios of European airports and through flight test.

En-route ATC tools
For Eurocontrol various en-route controller tools have been investigated and developed. Typical examples are Medium Term Conflict Detection and Conflict Resolution Advisory Tools.

DMAN development
AT-One has developed the Departure Manager, a decision support tool for air traffic control to optimize the departure sequence on airports. The DMAN improves the predictability, punctuality and reliability of departures on airports. This helps airports to improve their operations and open up hidden capacity on their existing infrastructure. More reliable departures also benefits airlines.

Safety Assessment of ATM services
For the Norwegian airport and air traffic control operator Avinor, AT-One conducts safety assessments of ATM services at a number of Norwegian airports. The goal is to achieve a wider understanding of safety-critical issues and facilitates improved safety management.

Obstacle Safety Assessment
Airports are more and more becoming centres of economic activities and are attractive locations for companies to establish their offices. High rise buildings may then become from a safety issue for air traffic. For Basel Mulhouse Airport an obstacle safety assessment was performed for high-rise developments in the close vicinity of the airport.