AT-One cooperates with a wide range of stakeholders in politics, the industry and the research community.

The European Commission
AT-One and its members NLR and DLR are major participants in European projects performed under the R&D framework programs.

AT-One has a strong cooperation with EUROCONTROL, both as partner in European R&D projects as well as subcontractor.

German and Netherlands ministries of Transport, Defence, Economics
The AT-One partners NLR and DLR act as important centres of expertise for the national governments of Germany and The Netherlands.

Aviation Authorities of EU member states
Many of Europe’s Aviation Authorities come to AT-One for its expertise and independent position.

Air Navigation Service Providers
Among AT-One customers are many European’s ANSP’s like DFS (Germany), LVNL (The Netherlands), LFV (Sweden), Avinor (Norway) Belgocontrol (Belgium), Austrocontrol (Austria) and Skyguide (Switzerland).

Industrial customers of AT-One include amongst others Airbus, EADS, Thales, HITT.