Research Aircraft

AT-One operates a wide variety of test aircraft, it’s Europe’s largest civilian research fleet of aeroplanes and helicopters. The test aircraft are equipped with a large array of test equipment and can be modified according to the needs of specific research tasks.

Airbus A320-232 “D-ATRA”

The Airbus A320-232 “D-ATRA”, the latest – and largest – addition to the fleet, was deployed by the DLR in late 2008. ATRA (Advanced Technology Research Aircraft) is a modern and flexible flight test platform which sets a new benchmark for flying test beds in Europe.



ACT/FHS Flying Helicopter Simulator

The ACT/FHS ‘Flying Helicopter Simulator’ of the DLR is based on a standard Eurocopter EC 135 type helicopter, which has been extensively modified for use as a research and test aircraft. The mechanical controls, for example, have been replaced by a fly-by-wire/fly-by-light flight control system.



Dornier Do 228-101 D-CODE

The Dornier DO 228-101 (registration D-CODE), an airborne universal research platform, is used by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) for an exceptionally wide range of experiments.