Cockpit Simulators


GECOThe Generic Experimental Cockpit (GECO) is a modular cockpit simulator with flight-mechanical models of the DLR test aircraft ATTAS. The flight-mechanical models are interchangeable, depending on the application required.




APERO is cockpit simulation environment developed to evaluate new Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) by simulateing avionics displays and panels. It is a non motion PC-based flight simulation facility that can easily be adapted to different aircraft cockpit configurations.

It is primarily used:

  • By HMI experts that build new HMI interfaces to test new HMI concepts in a cockpit environment.
  • To study new cockpit concepts in an early stage before doing a full flight simulator experiment.
  • To do small pilot in the loop experiments fully focussed on the new HMI concept.
  • To train pilots how to use these new HMI concepts.
  • To test flight simulator software in an early stage.
  • To learn people basic cockpit knowledge and aircraft handling.

APERO can also be part of a distributed simulation and can be used as an intelligent blip driver.


The Generic Research Airciraft Cockpit Environment is a full 6 degrees of freedom flight simulator. The basic layout of the simulator is based on Airbus (A330/340) cockpits, but interchanging instruments panels, glare shield panels, mid pedestal and side sticks with column/wheel allows configurations in Boeing (B747), business jet, Fokker and generic full glass layouts.

GRACE can be used for a wide variety of research applications including:

  • Training Research
  • ATM concept evaluation
  • ATM procedure validation.
  • Avionics prototyping: display/symbology evaluation
  • Human Factors research
  • Accident Investigation and Prevention