Cockpit Simulators


The Generic Experimental Cockpit is a flight simulator based on the Airbus A320 aircraft and the ATTAS test aircraft. It is very flexible in order to meet different requirements in the fields of cockpit research in the area of human machine interfaces and flight procedures. The simulator is part of a sophisticated ATM simulation network. It can be operated stand alone as well as in combination with Tower simulator and Air Traffic Simulators. Because the communication protocol is based on TCP/IP it can eaily be integrated in other systems.


APERO is cockpit simulation environment developed to evaluate new Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) by simulateing avionics displays and panels. It is a non motion PC-based flight simulation facility that can easily be adapted to different aircraft cockpit configurations.

It is primarily used:

  • By HMI experts that build new HMI interfaces to test new HMI concepts in a cockpit environment.
  • To study new cockpit concepts in an early stage before doing a full flight simulator experiment.
  • To do small pilot in the loop experiments fully focussed on the new HMI concept.
  • To train pilots how to use these new HMI concepts.
  • To test flight simulator software in an early stage.
  • To learn people basic cockpit knowledge and aircraft handling.

APERO can also be part of a distributed simulation and can be used as an intelligent blip driver.


The Generic Research Airciraft Cockpit Environment is a full 6 degrees of freedom flight simulator. The basic layout of the simulator is based on Airbus (A330/340) cockpits, but interchanging instruments panels, glare shield panels, mid pedestal and side sticks with column/wheel allows configurations in Boeing (B747), business jet, Fokker and generic full glass layouts.

GRACE can be used for a wide variety of research applications including:

  • Training Research
  • ATM concept evaluation
  • ATM procedure validation.
  • Avionics prototyping: display/symbology evaluation
  • Human Factors research
  • Accident Investigation and Prevention